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The Music and mainstream press have made a significant noise about the ‘return’ of Vinyl as a music format for several years now. For many collectors and Audiophiles out there this is seen as a resurgence of interest – but solidifying what they have always known ….Vinyl is and always has been the best medium for music.

The ‘HiFi’ rack system of the 70’s and 80’s – with their cheap and nasty Record decks - did Vinyl no favors at all and if anything led to the emergence of CD’s as an impressive new technology. Who can forget the powerful adverts from Suppliers of new CD systems extolling the virtues of the new medium as indestructible and perfect sound. Powerful messages that seemed to enable the masses to replace their vinyl collections with shiny little discs – only to find that the two key selling points were far from accurately described!!

Many are now returning to Vinyl to enjoy the quality of sound that it can provide – given a decent player. Those old collections are being rediscovered and enjoyed by millions. Look at any decent HIFI mag these days and they are filled with high quality Vinyl systems enabling the best sound to be portrayed.

Interestingly the other key dynamic in the resurgence of vinyl is the younger generations actively searching for and playing older albums, made many years before they were born. Why is this when they could easily download onto their MP3 players or computers digital versions of these songs? I suspect this is partly curiosity at first, rapidly then being replaced by a desire to hear things as they were originally intended. The fact that Vinyl replay negates the need for Digital to Analogue Conversion – with all its nasty impacts on the sound quality – probably explains why it sounds better to their ears.

So Vinyl is back – although for many millions it has never been away - and is ready to fight the next generation of imitators.

Keeping your vinyl in good condition is vital. This starts from the moment you buy the disc and applies to each and every time you handle them from there on in. We recommend professional cleaning of all records . This applies to new records as well as 2nd hand. Also once cleaned they should be kept in high quality inner sleeves to prevent scratching or a build up of static.

Grade1Records can provide advice and refurbishment services for those who want to know more bout how to do this. Contact us at for more details.